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Use our HUGE e-mail List

Here's some Ideas how to target your prospects using our e-mail lists.

  • Plumbers, e-mail prospects in your area that have just moved in.   They don't already have an existing vendor.  (This works for electricians, HVAC, landscaping, etc.)
  • Fundraisers can target households with income, assets or houses above their threshold.
  • Restaurants, local people want to hear about your specials, cuisine or possibly help wanted.
  • Ambulance services, do you need highly targeted staff like EMTs, or Certified Technicians
  • How about sending out an e-mail to someone on their birthday, anniversary or special occassion.   They'll be impressed that you thought of them.
  • Are there any life events such as graduations, weddings, deaths, moves that might benefit from what you offer?


We Can Deliver An E-mail list to you that works for you.   Just ask. 


Email is Extemely Cost-Effective 

Deliver Your Message to the People That Want to Get Your Message.

Almost everyone regulary reads their e-mail.  It's your job to deliver a compelling message to those people that value your offer.   

You're not spamming them because you're targeting only those people that value your message.  And, they've opted in to allow you to e-mail them.

What's an e-mail Targeting Parameter?

Basic email lists include a name and e-mail. BORING.

All this does is provide you a large list.  We don't like boring lists.

However, our lists are much more interesting. We have over 700 pieces of information we track about people so that you can choose combinations of parameters that will deliver exactly the readers that will benefit from your message.

Just tell us what you want, and we'll see if we can get them.  It costs nothing to ask.


We Are Here to Help You.

We've got case studies and a team of experts that can help solve your e-mail needs.    The best way to get started is simply to contact us.   We'll try to help you as we can. 

Pricing and FAQ

How much do e-mail lists cost?

50,000 emails will cost $1,000. 

PS. No postage needed.  We're not USPS.

Are your e-mail lists accurate?

Yes, they are properly groomed and made pretty.

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