Vacation Giveaway - Increase Sales & Recruitment

Everyone loves a complimentary vacation!

Start Giving Away Vacations

Everyone Loves a Free Vacation

Imagine, if you were able to give away 100s of free vacations for whatever you want to achieve.

  • Give away a vacation to reward a large sale
  • Offer to give away a vacation if you can't solve their business problem.
  • Send your top performers to Hawaii because you really appreciate them.
  • How about a signing bonus to Las Vegas for all new employees.

Now, for a low one time fee you can send these people to High Quality locactions in places like Hawaii, Paris, Las Vegas and Cabo San Lucas.

Surprise your clients and workers with memorable trips!

Everyone loves traveling. Also, who doesn’t like to get lucky with freebies or bonuses? Combine the two. What do you get? A FREE VACATION!

No matter which industry you are in or what your business does, offering a free vacation is the best way to LURE a prospective client or nurture a potential lead.

As you make your buyers daydream about partying in Vegas or sun-soak on a Sydney beach - all funded by you - and for you funded by us - we’re sure you can steal even the most passive clients for your business.

Imagine What They Will Think About You While Sipping Margaritas in Maui

Why Give Away Vacations?

A: Because it works!


Everyone loves a great vacation.  Your give away appears as a very high value gift (that costs you nothing each time you give it away).


The perfect promotion for you!  High Value - $0 Cost.


Your rewardees will always Remember You.

Check out these thrilling destinations

50 International (not US) Destinations

30 US Destinations

50 International Destinations

Gift a high-value vacation incentive - to the best destinations in the world.

30 destinations in the US and 50+ international destinations. All hotels are ranked 4+ Stars by TripAdvisor

Get. Set. Give Away

Only You Limit Your Sales Growth!

Q: What's practically the first thing that happens  after you give away a free vacation.

A:  They tell lots of other people about it. And, likely tell them your name and service.


Not only do you reward people for their purchases, performance and participation.   But, they start to virally spread your name and message.  And, even more so after they arrive home with a sun tan or hangover.


Would it help your business to have your best customers, employees and vendors talking about the vacation experience you gave them? You're giving them a gift they'll never forget!

Your Biggest Question Answered:

Why would a hotel allow us to give away their rooms?

Here's our secret.  Empty hotel rooms bascially cost the hotel the same as full hotel rooms.   But, empty rooms don't buy additional hotel services like food, room-service, excursions, casinos or other entertainment.


It's in the hotel's best interest to give away vacant rooms rather than have them sit empty.  Plus, if a guest likes their room the hotel is hoping they'll come back at full price another time.


We've worked with hotels, and their agencies, to find and provide these rooms to you.  You now have the power to give anyone you want, clients, friends, and employees, amazing 3-7 nights vacations at 4+ star rated hotels by TripAdvisor.


This is NOT a time share offer, there are no meetings to attend, no hands to shake or babies to kiss.  


For as low as $1,495 per year, you 'll be able to give unlimited vacation to 80 leading destinations. 


Win-win, isn’t it?

You'll also get a library of 200+ amazing videos for every event, marketing need, or niche. Check out these examples - 


Why lose business or profits to your competitors when you can and explode your sales by exciting buyers like never before?

When you give them once-in-a-lifetime vacations that you don't even have to pay for, you’re sure to convert leads into clients and customers into raving fans. 


P.S. Your competitors will wonder how you have been able to pull their maximum chunk of business!

You’re here to know THIS NOW - How much for all of this?

Giveaway unlimited vacations to prospects, clients, workers, to entice leads to webinars, and much much more. 

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