If your website is not ADA compliant...

  • You may be losing customers
  • You may be subject to huge fines, penalties, and PR.

US websites need to be ADA (WCAG) compliant.

A lot of website users require additional help to use websites.  So a huge reason why you want your website to be compliant is because it helps your customers and really is the right thing to do.

However, there's another big reason as well. Many small companies are getting huge penalties because if they're not compliant they are breaking the law! This is real - not hype.

Warning: If you're not already compliant get it done quickly before some lawyer hunting for a target finds you.


ADA (WCAG)is HUGE.  Almost 20% of users require accomodations.

According to the US Census Bureau over 55 million people A U.S. Census Bureau report indicates that nearly 51 million are considered to be disabilited.

That's just huge! Sometimes that means they need to use a tool other than a mouse, keyboard or touch screen. Sometimes the problem is with the color contrast on your page, providing audio sub-titles for the hearing impaired, or an audio reader needs to read your page to them, other times it's an issue of color blindness, etc.

The bottom line is there are a lot more potential users either willing to use your website as they should or possibly suing you for violating their legal rights.

The good news is that we can usually fix this fairly quickly.


Our ADA Solution Provider is able to offer you a $1M Compliance Warranty

We can fix this problem for you. We offer various levels of compliance for you to choose from.

We are so confident that this will avoid litigation that our ADA compliance partner is offering a $1 Million Dollar warranty on their top-level service if you get taken to court for non-compliance.

Text Reader

Some users have difficulty reading, either because of eyesight, ADD, dyslexia, poor English language skills or any other reason. Using our text reader page content can be read to them out loud, at different speeds or sound pitches as the user chooses.


Keyboard Navigation

Some people have motor disabilities and can not easily use a mouse because of accidents, physical defects, disease or other reasons. Other people may have vision problems and find it difficult to see a mouse cursor.


Keyboard navigation is often helpful and avoids the need for mouse reliance.

Blinks Blocking

Were you aware that screen flickering realldy harms some people? That's why you see, on more and more movies, a warning before the movie starts so that people harmed by this can take appropriate action.

Our ADA partner uses a tool call Blinks Blocking that eliminates this problem.


Monochrome, Bright High Contrast, Dark High Contrast

Some visually impaired users require more contrast, different colors, text size and other display differences. We can help this users as well.

Image Descriptions

Did you know that a best practice for SEO is to provide written descriptions for images on the screen. FYI: these are called alt tags. Some users, such as those that can't fully see images, use a tool that either describes these images or make them easier to see.

Our ADA specialist partner can solve this problem as well.

WCAG 2.0 level AAA solution

We do everything that's needed for full compliance.

Pricing and FAQ
How Much Does this Cost?

Level 1: 50% Compliance - Free widget for your website.

Level 2: 95% Compliance, 10,000 views, $45/month

Level 2: 95% Compliance, 100,000 views, $60/month

Level 3: 100% Compliance, 1 Million Dollar warranty. By quote.

What Level of Compliance Do I Need?

That's more of a business question. Think of this both as a sales increase and a risk reduction. You need to balance the upside vs. the downside. With that being said, we drecommend at least a Level 2 level of compliance.

Do You Want to Know More?


Using our Level 1 or Level 2 solutions is really just about adding and configuring a widget on your website. You should be able to get that done in 1 day.

Level 3 is much more expensive and time consuming. We have to really look at your website to make sure we're taking care of everything.

Even if you're thinking about Level 3 you may want to quickly implement Level 2 while you evaluate your options.

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