What is Freelance Digital Marketing, and How Do You Start It?

08/04/2024 12:48 PM

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The scope of digital marketing is increasing with the use of the Internet. Businesses want to increase their online visibility, and for that purpose, they are using digital marketing tactics. Companies are spending large amounts of money to grow their brands.

This increasing demand for digital marketing also increases the importance of marketers. But every marketer prefers to work something other than 9–5. They want to work flexible hours.

Increasing freelancing trends allow digital marketers to work as freelancers, and that’s how freelance digital marketing took its base. Here in this blog, we will discuss freelance digital marketing, how to start it, and how it works.

What Is Freelance Digital Marketing? 

Traditionally, digital marketers advertise and market the products on an in-house basis. However, freelance digital marketers work flexible hours remotely. 

Freelance digital marketing refers to advertising services and products online. Freelance digital marketers connect with multiple companies online, market their products or services through the Internet, and then get paid through online methods.

There are multiple freelancing sites through which they can get freelance work, projects, or clients. These freelance sites help freelancers get international clients for both short- and long-term projects. 

Is Freelance Digital Marketing a Good or Bad Option?

Multiple aspects make freelance digital marketing advantageous or a drawback for freelance marketers. Let's have a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of freelance digital marketing. 


  • This allows digital marketers to work from any corner of the world and helps them utilize their creativity for multiple projects. If you have a stable internet connection, no matter whether you are traveling or enjoying vacations with your friends, you can answer your clients, advertise your services and products, and earn money. 
  • You are not bound to work in a toxic environment under a strict boss. You are your boss. You can choose clients of your own choice and work independently. 
  • Flexibility of time is also one of the perks. You can work from any time of the day or night whenever you feel comfortable meeting deadlines. 
  • You are not forced to work with traditional methods; instead, you can use your desired tools and methods. You are free to do work the way you want. 
  • On the verified platform of LinkedIn, you get paid immediately after completing your project. 


  • Freelance digital marketers have to work and handle things like professionals. They are working like a complete business, and they are responsible for everything they are doing.
  • As you are a complete business in your personality, there is no break like sick leaves or for other needs. You will only get money when you deliver the project on time. 
  • In the freelance world, client hunting is a very difficult task. On every freelance platform, multiple people have the same skill set as yours and are in search of clients. You have to portray your work in such a way that people will want to work with you. 

Services You Can Offer as a Freelance Digital Marketer 

There are multiple services you can learn and give to your clients as a freelance digital marketer. Here are some of them. 

  1. Content Writing
  2. Graphic Designing
  3. Social media management
  4. Website development 
  5. Creating advertisements
  6. Video creation and editing 
  7. Email marketing campaigns 
  8. Lead generation 
  9. Technical recruitment to hire new employees 
  10. Developing an SEO and marketing plan for your client’s website

How Do You Start Freelance Digital Marketing?

The scope of digital marketing is high, but the thing you have to do is get an expert in a skill and hunt a client to sell your skills. You have to contact multiple companies. If you are a beginner at freelance digital marketing, these tips will be helpful for you to know how to start freelance digital marketing. 

Choose a Service

Before starting freelance digital marketing, you need to choose your specific niche. Get multiple courses and study digital marketing services. Research every service, its benefits, drawbacks, required tools, and scope in the market. 

Once you have studied digital marketing thoroughly, try to choose a service you are interested in. If you love your work, you will do it the right way. But keep in mind that a service that has a lot of buyers is more beneficial than one that has limited trends. 

Once you have selected your service, it's time to go for your niche and then become an expert in it. Take time and learn the expertise to the top. 

Polish Your Skills

Before going to have a client, you must know every small and big point about your niche. You should be familiar with the terminology of your niche so that when you communicate with your client, you can make a good first impression. 

Get Expert Support

Freelancing is not something that can be done overnight. People spend years to get their reward from freelancing. There is a lot of competition waiting for a beginner. The success of the freelancing journey depends on many factors. 

Experts who have passed all these stages can be good teachers for beginners. Getting expert opinions to achieve success in your freelance journey can boost your success. 

Read More About Your Service

There are multiple resources, including newsletters, blogs, ebooks, and many more, that are written by experts. Reading will make you well aware of the problems you can face in your freelance journey. Get more and more knowledge about the skill and learn from the expert's experience and opinions.  

Create Your Profile 

Once you have selected your service and become an expert in it, it is time for you to create your profile on the freelance platform. Some of the top-notch freelance platforms involve Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and LinkedIn. 

Explain your services and create your portfolio. If you do not have any projects to add to your portfolio, show your work in courses or during the learning process. All of your expertise must be in your portfolio. 

Start Applying for New Opportunities 

Once you have expertise and a profile ready, you can now apply for new jobs. Seek out new job postings and companies that are in search of experts in your niche. Send them your proposal with work samples. 

Try to write proposals according to the requirements of the job posting. Avoid copy-pasting similar proposals for each job posting.

We can wrap up our discussion by saying that freelancing has both pros and cons in its nature. You can earn thousands of dollars monthly, but that is not very easy. You have to work hard, wait with patience, and work with consistency. 

But keep in mind, that only hard work is not a requirement. You have to offer the service that is required by the buyers. If you are selling something anonymous, there is no use for your hard work and consistency. 


  • Is freelance digital marketing always easy? 

Freelance digital marketing is a very good way to earn, with flexibility in the working schedule. But this is not the very easy way. You need to learn and compete to get your first client. 

  • How much do freelance digital marketers earn?

Freelance digital marketers’ earnings are different, depending upon their skills and experience level. Beginners usually earn $20-$30/hour while with an increased level of skills, you can make up to $300/hour.  

  • How to start freelance digital marketing with zero experience?

First of all, start with selecting a niche, get an expert in that niche, and then create your profile on the freelancing platform. Start applying for jobs and send your proposals with work samples. After all these steps, get your first client and start your way to flexible earning. 

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