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So, why waste your time  even trying?

Let's face it.  SEO takes lots of time, skills and likely isn't worth your time.   That's why we recommend you let us do.  (I fully admit I'm biased.)

But, when you think about it, there really are lots of things that you can do better than us - like managing your business and thinking about how to make your business work for you - rather than you working for your business.

Let us do the boring, repetitive stuff.   


Imagine, you get in your car, pull up your GPS and ask for directions to....

Driving requires you to know where you're going.  And, so does great SEO.   We start by determing which search results you want to be seen in.   Then we work backwards to determine the best keywords to pick, as well as the best strategies to convice Google that they should recommend you.

This takes some time, skills and creativity.  But, that's what we do.  And, that's why you want us doing it for you.   We're quite good at it and can show you some case studies that prove exactly that.

We do such a good job our clients stay with us for years.


Pricing and FAQ

Do you do Local or non-Local SEO services?

We do what you need.

What is the cost of Local
Pay Per Result SEO campaign?

Most Local SEO campaigns are $650-$950 per month you rank. If we don't rank - you don’t pay.

What Is local SEO?

Local means near you. Most restaurants, plumbers, hair salons are local.

Non-Local means maybe not near you. Examples af this are e-commerce websites, CNN, Google, Apple Computer and Tesla.

What is the cost of
non-Pay Per Result SEO?

$30/hour - in 5 hours/month increments

Is there a way to have Google & Bing
recommend you besides SEO and PPC?

Yes, most marketers only use SEO and PPC. However, we now have a service that encourages Google & Bing to Auto-Suggest Your company - BEFORE they even display any page results. See our Search Bar Optimization Service for more information .

Is SEO better than PPC?

$30/hour - in 5 hours/month increments

If you still have questions just hold them to yourself.  Don't ask anyone or you might find out the answer.


We're here.  We'd love to talk with you and help you choose the best path forward.


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