How to Reach Your Customers With Text Message Marketing

08/04/2024 12:44 PM

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How to Reach Your Customers With Text Message Marketing

After email, social media messages, and other modes of marketing, text messages are now one of the most successful marketing methods. People are very active on social media, which accounts for the large number of emails that arrive on their phones each day. That’s why most of the time people switch off their email notifications or check their emails after a few days. 

At that time, text messages on their phone number are the best way to convey a message. But text marketing is not like email marketing or social media marketing. Someone has to follow different legal procedures to adopt this.

In this blog, we will discuss text messages and factors that can make text message campaigns more successful. 

What is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is a new emerging marketing method in which text messages are used to send marketing content, sales, relevant information, and promotions, and communicate effectively with customers. Through messages on cell phones, companies can communicate with their customers on a more personal level. 

According to Chief Revenue Officer of Prosites, Luke Wilson

“Because text messages appear on people’s mobile phones, they feel more personal than other kinds of marketing. Texting allows businesses to do many of the things that traditional media does... without having to invest in extra hardware, labor, printing, or media purchases.”

Benefits of Text-Message Marketing

Text message marketing campaigns are very helpful and are more popular than email marketing. Here are some benefits that explain how this marketing communicates with your audience more efficiently. 

Quick Response

Text messaging is a way that most people use for communication. This is a very quick method. People usually delay replaying a message, even if they are convinced by your message. But once your customer is convinced by a text message, he can give a quick response. 

Constant Connection

People take their cell phones everywhere with them, and that is why text messaging is a way to keep a constant connection with your customers. 


Text message marketing is easier than email and phone calls. Text messages are also less expensive than phone calls. The progress of text message marketing is also easily scalable. 

Direct Communication

Text messages allow an organization to have direct communication with its customers. You can easily send a message to your customers, get their reply, and then respond to that reply. 

The Best Ways to Approach Your Customers with Your Texts

Text marketing is 6 to 8 times more heard than email marketing and is open and read with a percentage of 98%. If you want to start a marketing campaign that gets heard, text marketing is the best solution. But this method can only generate leads for you if you are doing it the right way. 

Here are some methods that can make your campaign more successful and help you reach your targeted customers. 

Keep Your Messages Concise

Try to keep your texts concise and to the point. Do not use so much text that your audience gets bored before reaching the point you want to convey. Long messages reduce engagement and attention. 

A text message must contain 160 characters. You have to convey your message, an engaging statement, and a call to action within this limit. 

Keep Your Texts Personalized 

By keeping your text specific to the audience you are addressing in your campaign, you can boost conversion rates. Personalize your text according to the location, age, profession, and interest. 

Sending messages to the phones of your audience according to their interests can help you build a stronger communication bond with them. In this way, you can get more qualified leads. 

Take Your Customers’ Permission to Send Them Messages 

Taking a database of your customers illegally and sending them messages is illegal. This can also irritate your potential customers. Instead, you should add customers to your campaign with their permission. In this way, you will send a message welcoming customers. 

In the FCC rules, it is stated that sending messages to audiences without their context is illegal. If any company does so by illegally taking a database and sending messages without their permission, then that organization will have to face fines and penalties. 

Send Messages at Effective Hours

Try to schedule your messages at effective hours when there are more chances that they will be conveyed. Such a marketing campaign can give you your desired results in the form of leads and conversions.  

Do not make your customers feel like they made a mistake by subscribing to your text message campaign by disturbing them at the wrong hours. Sending messages at resting hours like midnight can irritate your customers, and they will unsubscribe from your texts.

Avoid the Bombardment of Messages 

Every organization wants to tell their audience about every little detail that can increase their sales. But do not send a lot of messages to your audience, as this can make them overwhelmed and they will unsubscribe from your campaign. 

Remember, text marketing campaigns are not like billboards or social media posts. Most of the customers read these messages. So, try to make your content so effective that one text can convey your message. 

Only schedule messages when it is necessary to convey information about a new sale or promotion. Overdoing it will not result in success but can damage your campaign’s purpose. 

Keep Your Content Valuable 

If you want to make your marketing effort successful, try to keep your content valuable and helpful. In this world where everyone is busy in the hustle of life, getting their attention to read your text is a tricky target. 

Try to keep your content beneficial and personalized, which will get the customers' attention. Furthermore, do not make a big, annoying start that will irritate your customer, and he will stop reading without getting the information you are trying to give at the end of the text message. 

Your Text Content Must Fit with Your Campaign’s Goals 

Always start your campaign with messages that are related to the goal of your campaign. If you schedule some irrelevant messages first and then send messages that are on the track line, this will make your customers unengaged, and they will not get the purpose of your message. Make your campaign more successful by sending messages relevant to your campaign's goals. 

Laws and Guidelines Regarding Text Message Campaigns

Before starting your text message campaign, you should know about the regulations. Few organizations regulate text message marketing. Here, some of them are explained. 

The Federal Communication Commission

The FFC has very strict rules and regulations for text message marketing. You cannot send messages to your customers without their permission. Sending spam messages is also illegal. 

The Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association (CTIA)

CTIA is one of the trade associations that does not have the same strict rules as FFC but helps provide guidelines and tips for text marketing. 

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act 

TCPA is a type of protection for marketers and stops them from sending bulk messages. This allows them to send several messages under certain conditions. But written consent is necessary to send messages to customers. 

We can wrap up our discussion by saying that text message marketing is a new trend. It can connect organizations directly with their consumers. Promotions, new product announcements, discounts, or sales can easily be conveyed to your audience with a guarantee that their voice will be heard.

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