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Having a good relationship with all of your customers is crucial for every business. Simpler Digital Marketing is offering its free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to improve your relationship with your customers, make business processes smooth, and encourage rapid growth

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Why do you need a CRM?

In this era, when every business has used technology and online data management, a CRM software is the need of every setup. A CRM software helps business owners streamline the sales process and choose the new strategies that their business needs to implement. It provides complete information about the customer and his stage in the sales pipeline

Furthermore, a CRM software assists your business with successful email marketing campaigns by scheduling your emails, lining up meetings with CRM software users, and giving a complete view of your business performance.

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Why Our Free CRM?

Simpler Digital Marketing provides its customers with a free, up-to-date CRM that contains multiple unique features. This software makes you free from the burden of spreadsheets and databases and provides its easy-to-use contact management system. You can search for complete information about your customers.

A single-page view of sales pipelines helps you have complete information about the sales process and the sales percentage of your business. This is also helpful to categorize your customers according to their stage in the sales pipeline and email them accordingly.

Our CRM software helps you run your email marketing campaigns. You can schedule your emails to contact your customers during their active hours. Furthermore, you can also line up meetings with your clients who are having trouble using CRM.

One of the most unique and useful features of this CRM is the mobile application. You can log in to this software from the web and also install a mobile app according to your requirements. This CRM is user-friendly for both desktop and mobile screens. In mobile applications, almost all functionalities are available.

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CRM is important for businesses to centralize all customer data and then make the sales process smooth. By observing customer data, business owners can develop new data-driven strategies, improve customer satisfaction, and increase the sales process.
CRM assists businesses in customer retention by enabling them to build a clear understanding of their customers, track their interests, and then provide a personalized experience. CRM leads business owners to develop customer engagement strategies.
Marketers can take help from the customer data and send personalized emails. They can start social media or email marketing campaigns by observing customer preferences and trends.
Three types of CRM are used in different businesses. These types include operational CRM, collaborative CRM, and analytical CRM.
CRM software is available for any type of business, whether it is a small or big one. Special CRM solutions are designed for small businesses that have affordable and required features necessary for small business management.

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