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Email Marketing

Strategic Email Campaigns That Drive Results

Emails that hit the target, everytime.

Discover the power of targeted email marketing with Simpler Digital Marketing. Our service is not just about sending emails; it’s about creating meaningful connections with your audience.

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Precision in Every Inbox E-mail Targeting Perfected

Basic email lists include a name and e-mail. BORING!!
All this does is provide you with a large list. We don't like boring lists.
However, our lists are much more interesting. We have over 700 pieces of information we track about people so that you can choose combinations of parameters that will deliver exactly the readers that will benefit from your message.

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You can try to make your website worthy of user's attention. There are lots of ways to do this. Some easy, some cheap, some very expensive.


You can try to make your website worthy of user's attention. There are lots of ways to do this.


Local Websites

Deliver your Message to the Right Audience

Nearly everyone routinely checks their email. Your task is to send a captivating message to individuals who appreciate your offer.

Among all the digital marketing channels at your disposal, email stands out as the one offering the highest return on investment. Partner with Simpler Digital Marketing, your full-service email marketing agency, to ensure you do it right. We assist you in strategizing, creating, and executing various email marketing and CRM campaigns, including newsletters, product promotions, and transactional emails.

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Pricing & FAQ

Don't Hesitate, Begin Your Journey to Digital Stardom

50,000 emails will cost $1,000. PS. No postage is needed. We're not USPS.
Yes, they are properly groomed and made pretty.
Our email marketing service provides features like customizable templates, automation, list segmentation, detailed analytics, A/B testing, and compliance with email regulations.
Yes, we take data security seriously. Our service employs industry-standard encryption and follows strict privacy protocols to protect your data and subscribers' information.

Email Marketing

We are a Certified Award Winning Agency

SDM allows you to pay exclusively based on outcomes achieved. Moreover, we offer tailored plans designed to cater to the specific needs of National Accounts.

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