Nothing Ruins Your Sales Quicker than Bad Reviews.

We Can Increase Your Score!


We Help Build Trust In You

The way to affect your Reviews are simple:

  1. Provide Great Service (Best Way)
  2. Encourage More Good Review
  3. Discourage Bad Reviews

Providing great service is always the best way to earn great reviews.

Using our platform and tools we make it simple for you to encourage your best clients to leave great reviews. We also re-direct many of your bad reviews into private feedback,  that only you see, rather than national attention for everyone.

Your Review Strongly Influence Customers

Over 90% of people say that good reviews positively affect their likelyhood of purchase while negative reviews significantly make it LESS likely they will purchase.

You're spending a huge amount of time, energy and resources to drive traffic to your website and impress your prospects. As review management is inexpensive this is not the place to ignore.


Generate Mostly Top Reviews

  1. E-mail a review link to your customers.  Do it individually to your best clients or any group of clients you wish.
  2. As your client leaves a good review they are prompted to post onto a top review site.
  3. If your client leaves a poor review they are sympathetically taken down another path. You automatically treat them as a client with a problem that you want to help solve for them. Instead of a bad review, you become more aware of the problem and can hopefully fix it.
  4. Later they may now leave you a good review. And, at least you've avoided a bad review.

Top Rated Review Sites Are Prioritized

You help guide which review sites you want your positive reviews. We have numerous options available.


Turn Bad Reviews Into Great Feedback

Realize for every complaint you hear, there are likely 10 other people that had the same complaint, and said nothing. 

Our goal is to transform bad review complaints into  great customer feedback.

Bad feedback is actually good feedback. When you know what your customers don't like you have an opportunity to improve - or you may decide you don't want to improve. The choice is yours. But, at least now you have more feedback from your customers.

One Dashboard to Watch Your Reviews

From your dashboard, you can now monitor multiple review sites.

You, can also quickly see bad reviews so that you can address them as well as possibly convince them to change their review. You also keep a history of your communications with this customer to make it even easier to manage.


Pricing and FAQ

What does it Cost?


How Fast Does It Work?

You can immediately start to see more positive reviews and less negative reviews.

You can immediately start to reverse previously posted bad reviews.

Can I do this Service Myself?

Yes, but not as fast as us, good as us or less than $60/month.

What Else Should I remember?

If you've spent thousands of dollars building your web presence, or are spending much money at all doing SEO, PPC, SBO or PR - then why would spend more than $60/month on this when Bad reviews are costing lost opportunities.

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Your reviews can make or break your business. You CAN strongly influence your reviews - and you should.

We provide you a simple tool that helps automate building a great reputation. We get you signficantly more good reviews and significantly reduce your bad reviews.


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Reputation Management

Grab review requests from e-mail, texting, or website. Process posts good reviews to high value sites while confining negative reviews to internal feedback. Results in many new reviews, increases average rating and tends to shield bad review from public.
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