Imagine if ....

Google and Bing Suggested Only You....

Instead of showing your competitors?


Unbelievably, We Can Make this Happen!

Our experts, know how to have Google and Bing recommend you
instead (not before) all of your competition!

We've Hacked Auto Complete

Why you Need to Learn About Auto-Commplete

Search Engines want to help you find your searches faster and better.  So, as you start to type your search term, Google and Bing both start making recommendations for what they think you want to see.

Did you know that over 70% of searches click on one of these reccommendations.  


We now have the ability to highly influence Google and Bing's recommendation.  We can get YOUR Business a TOP recommendaion to all searchers.


Did you have an AHA moment?  Do you realize not only how great this would be for you - but how awful it could be if your competitor got their first?


In the past there were only Two ways to be seen:


It's easy to be listed as a top PPC result.  All you have to do is pay lots of money for each lead.   


In the past there were only Two ways to be seen:

SEO is not so easy.  It takes a lot of time, skill, luck and investment to be organically seen.  


NOW, there is a 3rd WAY.  SBO (Search Box Optimization)

Take a look at the video for more insights.

YOU own your keywords

Imagine owning Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta.

How many more cases would you get?  How upset would your competition be?

If you're first in line you can keep your keywords for as long as you like.  Your competition can not outbid you.

Fixed Pricing

You pay one price - regardless of how many leads you get.

Pay For Performance

You PAY AFTER WE DEMONSTRATE success.  That's right.  If we can't reliably get you as a top suggestion - you don't have to pay us.   We're taking the risk.  You pay for success.


This opportunity is like knowing the winning lottery number - before they call it. 

  • You pick the keywords that you want to dominate.

  • When searches type in your keyword... Google and Bing recommend you.

  • You can reduce your PPC budget for these keywords, because you're already being recommended and don't have to Pay for a Click now.

  • Your SEO score increases because now it appears that more people are searching for you. Your website is considered more valuable.

  • It can take as little as 40 days to be ranked#1.

It's not just about being found.  It's how You Just Totally Dominate!

This is not a Normal Search

In a normal search, you and your competitors are both listed along with whatever else shows upon on your page.  But, when a user selects Google or Bing's recommendation - the search is SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU.  The entire results results are dominated by YOU.   Your website, your Google My Business, articles, press releases, social websites, affiliations. You, You, You.

  • New Prospects see you as a HUGE presence.

  • The number of searchers finding you just SKYROCKETS!

  • Fixed pricing.

  • Analytics can quickly show you how succesful you are.

  • Desktop or Mobile. Everyone sees you.


DOMINATE Your Competition

You are auto-suggested - your competition is not.

You dominate the search results with most content referring to you. 

Proprietary Process

This technology is available from CustomWebsites.Club.

Easy Vendor Management

You tell us what keywords you want. We totally manage it from there. No additional costs, no monthly optimization, no management required. We just send you leads as long as you like.

United States Prioritization

This service is currently limited to either local or National US locations.


We exclusively sell keyword recommendations. Once you own them we will not sell them to anyone else.


Cost Effective

SBO is typically less money than PPC or SEO as well as more effective.

Start Today.  Keywords are Limited.

Getting started is really simple, inexpensive and you don't start paying until after we're succesful.


Q: When do I start paying?

A:  50% after Bing recommends you.  50% after Google recommends you. 

Q: How can I buy a keyword that someone else is using?

A: You can't.   Keywords, like domains, belong exclusively to their owner.

Q: When should I see large increase in traffic?

A: Typically Bing within 40-55 days. Google 70-120 days. 

Q: Do I have to lock into a long term contract?

A: We don't consider 6-months to be a long term contract.  It can take us up to 4 months of hard work to even get you recommended.   You're not paying us during this time so we need 6 months of commitment.  After that you may cancel with one month's notice.

Q: Is this available for Local or National Searches?

A: Both.  

Local and National Search Box Optimization 

Local Search Box Optimization

Local is great for local businesses.   Plumbers, CPA, Accountants, Landscaping, Pools, etc.   Very cost effective. 

National Search Box Optimization

If you're not local National Search Box Optimization may be very beneficial.   Would you want to be nationally recommended for searches such as:  Home buying, car rental, EV charging, tax prepartion.....    

We get results. Guaranteed

Our Guaranty

If we don't get results you don't pay.

Easy as 123

No Management time required. Just tell us your keywords. We provide results.

Search Box Optimization

Top rated Google and Bing Search Reccomendation

Setup Fee provides your exclusive ownership to our ranking service.

After order you will be contacted to confirm your keywords and sent a contract with full terms.

Our Guarantee :

You will NOT be charged anything until after you agree to the contract.

Billing starts 50% AFTER you get Google Ranking

50% AFTER you get Bing Ranking

Setup fee is 100% refundable if we don not achieve rankings with 6 months.

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